Analysis and Advocacy

These reports are from a variety of sources and stakeholders with expertise in development, peacebuilding, disaster management and response, human rights, and public policy.  Note that the content of any particular piece does not necessarily reflect the opinions of all P4P members or sponsors.

Ogoniland has long been an area symbolic in the minds of people both inside and outside of the Niger Delta for its struggle against environmental degradation caused by resource exploitation.
View the video to learn how to register your organization as a Peace Agent on the map, reduce duplicates in incidents and fatalities for a trend analysis, and compare States or LGAs by conflict risk per capita.

Using the P4P Peace Building Map, these bulletins draw on data from FFP's UNLocK, Nig

After the 2015 Presidential elections which saw a peaceful transition of power from incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan to General Mohammadu Buhari, many observers have rightfly expr

Retired General Muhammadu Buhari (APC) won the Nigerian presidential elections on March 28, defeating incumbent President

All nine P4P state chapters conducted their own conflict assessments to inform their planning.

Drawing on data from the Peace Building Map here are some trends and patterns through 2013. Click on the PDF for trend-lines in the Middle Belt and the North.
Conflict can devastate the livelihoods of people in the affected communities. But the story of the Ekowe community shows how local mediation efforts can make a big difference for peace in the Niger Delta.